Technical Support
Technical Support Why have your own staff waste valuable time hunting for information to solve a problem when a highly competent CCS aerospace electrical interconnect specialist could be on hand to assist. CCS can provide a query service designed to be an Engineers first port of call to assist with a range of Electrical Wiring Interconnect System, EWIS, issues regarding aerospace electrical interconnect parts. Issues, such as; obsolescence, unavailability, tooling details, etc can be solved in a timely manner.

CCS can offer this service at competitive rates with a dedicated contact number should this be required.

“You have really helped with expert advice which is outside the normal scope of ‘Hands on Electricians’” DH

“This service is an essential source of technical advice which helps maintain the serviceability of our aircraft” GS

CCS supports the UK MOD Military Airworthiness Authority, MAA, via the Air Commodities Team. CCS is an active member of the MAA Systems Airworthiness Advisory Group, SAAG, and the Ageing Aircraft Platform Working Group, AAPWG. CCS also assists the MAA with direct support of the EWIS Working Group which provides a forum for platforms to share issues and possible solutions along with a conduit to the dstl EWIS Research Programme.

CCS has a dedicated Electrical Wiring Integrity Consultancy Team providing direct support to the MOD tri-service air environment through a query support function.